So I Just Accepted Christ… Now What?

by Ps. John Kelly

This was a post that I wrote a couple months ago, but thought it needed reposting because of the large number of salvations that are happening in our church. There is a lot of useful information in here to use in your own life or when helping someone else.

In our church over the last 5 years, we have seen close to 600 people make decisions either accepting Christ into their lives or rededicating their lives to God. One thing I have often seen in new Christians is a lack of knowledge or expectation about what comes next. For many, salvation can seem like “the end” when in reality, giving your life and eternity to God is very much the beginning of something amazing. That being said, I think this list will help.

22 things to do after accepting Christ that will lead to a strong, healthy, influential, passionate, confident, and successful Christian life (kind of in chronological order, but not really).

1. Find a good church – You may have just accepted Christ in a church. That would be a good place to start.

2. Tell someone – Celebrate it, get connected with a leader (we also give out bibles to new Christians).

3. Ask questions – There are no stupid questions. OK maybe there are, but ask anyway.

4. Join a small group – You don’t have to be in a small group to be a Christian, but if you want to be effective, you need to. Plus, this is an awesome way to meet people, make friends, and learn more about God.

5. Be consistent with church – “Those who are planted in the house of God will flourish” (Psalms). Get planted. Be consistent.

6. Pray and read your Bible – Start with the New Testament first (Matthew).

7. Take a new believers class – Offered in many churches (Jesus 101, Church 101, etc), ours is called the “Align Class.” It’s a great way to get a background of Christianity as well as church culture.

8. Get baptized – Awesome way to declare to everyone that you are a Christian and you are not ashamed of it.

9. Invite your friends to church – Thats how churches grow, people bringing people. And by now, they are probably curious about it anyway.

10. Get involved serving in your church / tithing – Both are great opportunities to give back to the church as well as stretch yourself in the meantime.

11. Commit to the vision and direction of your church – This is huge. Put aside your own agenda and follow the vision of the senior pastors.

12. Begin to seek out God’s purpose for you – Recognize your gifts and talents to see where God is positioning you for the most influence and effect.

13. Resource yourself – Books, magazines, Internet, asking questions, classes, etc. It’s so important to continue to consume knowledge. Always remain teachable. There is always more to learn.

14. Stretch yourself – Step out of your comfort zone, take risks, and be confident in your Christianity

15. Be accountable to someone – Find some people who you trust (peer and leader) and make sure they are people who will call you out if you are slipping in certain areas.

16. Become an influencer of new Christians – Be the leader to them that someone was to you (steps 1 and 2). This is called discipleship.

17. Take notes – Keep a journal of notes from message and things to apply in your life. Be sure to go back over it.

18. Live a Spirit led and empowered life –  Resource yourself on the subject of the Holy Spirit.

19. Avoid the usual traps – Dont get distracted by religion, division, drama, offense.

20. Kick the devil in the teeth – If you are completing these steps, you already are.

21. Set goals for yourself – One month, one year.

22. Love God, love people, love life – Live it out every day.


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