Worth | Offering Talk

by Ps. John Kelly

The following is an excerpt from an offering talk I gave last week at our True North evening service. I wanted to share with anyone that may not have been there because I feel as though God has a word for people who needed to hear this. Here it is, almost word for word!

Freeze pops. Gotta love ’em. But really, how much are they worth? A nickel? A dime? Maybe.

But what about on a hot, humid day. Your mouth is dry, your whole body is sweaty. Now how much is a nice, cold, refreshing freeze pop worth? A quarter? Fifty cents? Maybe even a dollar?

It doesn’t really matter what the freeze pop is worth. What matters is what it is worth to you; what you are willing to pay. What are you willing to give up to get the freeze pop?

I feel like this is such a great picture when it comes to Christianity and our generosity.

Most are excited when an opportunity arises to give financially to the church. They see it as a chance to have a hand in expanding God’s kingdom.

Others may be asking, “Is it worth it? What are they asking me to sacrifice, give up, or give to God’s work?”

We know how much a single life is worth to God. Christ died for you and obviously holds each of us in high value (Matthew 18:24).

And we know what He gave up; what He sacrificed.

They question is not, “What is a life worth to God?” It is really, “What is a life worth to you?”

We need to constantly ask ourselves these questions.

What am I willing to give up? What am I willing to sacrifice? What is a Life worth to me? What worth is it to me to get people saved, when lives and eternities are transformed?

The answer to that question should effect every moment of your life.

What is Valuable to God should be valuable to you.

What is not valuable to God, you shouldn’t waste your time and money on.

Is it worth it?  Is committing myself and my fianances to building God’s house worth it?

I know what it is worth to God, but what is it worth to me?


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