Better Notebook = Better Notes

The Importance of a great notebook

Its a proven fact, If you take notes at church and you use a scrap (offering envelope) or a piece of paper from a friend, then you are more likely to take bad notes, leave them on your seat after service or maybe just put them in your pocket and throw them away with your starbucks receipt later. Sad but true… but if you invest in a good notebook… then your attentiveness, clarity, and organization will be much improved.

I have a stack of journals that i keep next to my bed that are just from the last 3 years of notetaking, writing down message or teaching ideas, song lyrics or other random thoughts that i have. Also over the years i have become somewhat of a notebook snob… and i would like to share a few ideas and styles for those of you who want to take better notes and are looking for your style of notebook.

1. Leather – this is my favorite. Probably the most secure, best smelling and most likely to be taken good care of. they are a bit more expensive but maybe one a year would be worth it.

2. Moleskin – I like these, they are available at Barnes and Noble and they come in ruled and graph paper ( i prefer a small ruled notebook.)

3. Fabric – These are generally more for girls but i have actually had a few that were manly enough with cool burlap type fabric

4. Parchment – i love the look of these… they are quite natural looking, they don’t usually have as many pages in them. 

– I have heard it said that you retain about 20% of what you hear, 50% of what you take notes on, 70% of what you read back over later, 80% of what you read out loud later… and 99% of what you hear, take notes on, read out loud at a later time & apply practically in an area of your life. That being said, you all know what to do.


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