“Drift” a Little Deeper

This last sunday night… I spoke a message at our evening service called “Drift”. The main point of the message came  is recognizing what happens when people drift from God. Maybe there was a time in your life when you felt closer to God or had a more passionate relationship. What happened? God didn’t Move…so what was the chain of events that led you to eventually find yourself distant and ineffective? I have included a link to the message below to listen to the original content… but some of the main points are below

1. Drifting from God begins with neglecting his word… and de-valuing your relationship with Christ.

– When you are not filling up on the things of Christ… you will fill up on something else.

– make prayer, spending time in the word and asking questions a priority…

– People drift away from God… but must take intentional steps toward him, a great, passionate relationship is not by accident.

2. Surround yourself with People that take you further away, begin to fall to temptation

– people don’t  want  their sin to be found out, they will become shady and withdrawn

– they will surround themselves with people are making the same mistakes as they are, no accoutability

3. Blame someone else

– People who drift from God always find excuses for it (i was offended, i was hurt…this leader let me down)

– Cannot Allow little things to determine major things like your relationship with God…

4. Fake it

– In order to fit in, they learn how to go through the motions

– People are seeking to find, what only God can provide… in something other than God himself.

– Dont’ trade the real thing in for an imitation.

5. Feel like you can’t come back

– The devil wants you to feel trapped, like you can never get right with God, and his people

– No matter what you’ve done… God loves you and wants you to be involved in his plan…the local church.

You can listen to the message by clicking this link | “Drift” | and opening the media player (up on wednesday 8/24)

I was also just today reading the blog of Perry Noble and i thought there was some awesome points in it that went along with the same theme as the message i gave. Perry talks about the mistake people make by stepping away God because they were hurt by a christian or the church. (here is a few of his points)

  • One of the mistakes people often make is to think they can follow Christ without the church AND the people in the church.
  • I once heard it said that a persons first step away from God is usually a step away from the people of God.
  • If Peter walked away from Christ and his friends (Matthew 26:56), THEN tried to follow Jesus at a distance AND also placed himself in a very unhealthy environment (Matthew 26:58) which led to him eventually denying Christ (Matthew 26:69-75) then the SAME THING will happen to us if we follow in those steps.


  1. Jim Kelly says:

    Good points. It all starts with the little things and we’ve all been there!!!

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