Action Projects {The Lowdown}

Action Projects are focused events; some big and some small, that are hosted by True North Church in order to impact our surrounding Communities. Depending on the need we will either call on the entire church to help with an event or simply hand over smaller Action Projects to a Reality Group or two.

Action Projects are not a one time event… We will be executing Action Projects from time to time as needed. some of the ideas for action Projects may include, Helping at community events, doing landscaping or fixing up a park, refurbishing a run down building or school, or volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen…as well as many other possibilities that your Senior leadership feels the need to step in to help with.

One Major Event Coming up is Our Action Project : Urban Promise on Saturday October 16th. We are coming together as a church to repair, clean, refurbish Urban Promise Academy. This ministry is one of our churches Outreach Partners to the city of Camden NJ and has done some amazing things in that city with the youth. We will be spending an entire day volunteering our time and talents to complete a list of projects at a few of their facilities. the event will last from 8am to 5pm and lunch will be provided.

Whether you attend True North or just live in the area, feel free to sign up to help in any way you can be clicking here:  Action Project | Urban Promise (more information here as well, scroll to the bottom to sign up)

BTW: Anyone who signs up in September will receive a free Action Projects T-shirt.


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