Why Offering Talks?

Why do we have offering talks at church every sunday?

This question has come up from time to time within our church (usually from newcomers) so i thought i would take some time to answer that question. For those of you who are not familiar, “Offering Talks” or “Giving Talks” are a 3 minute time in each regular service that either a pastor or someone within the church talks about and/or teaches on the topics of Finance, giving, generosity…etc. and is a time when we explain the  “What” & “why” behind passing the buckets.

1. We do not teach on money at True North Church because we want something from you but rather because we want something for you. God is incredibly wealthy… he doesn’t want your money, he wants your heart. it just so happens that most of the time your heart is tied to your money…

2. We Believe that it all belongs to God anyways and he is only allowing us to be stewards of his money & resource anyways. You are only taking care of God’s money.

3. The question isn’t “is God going to bless me” but rather, “how am I going to handle the blessings that God has already poured out all over me?” We use the offering talk as an opportunity to teach people how to handle the blessings that God has already given you. (If you live in america…you are rich…you are already very blessed by the worlds standards)

4. We believe that people are bombarded with incorrect messages everyday telling them how to view money (T.V, commercials, ads, music) and if the church stays quiet than we are consenting to allowing people to only hear a one sided, false view of what money is, what it is for and how money was created for the sole purpose of building Gods kingdom on earth.

5.  The Bible talks about Money way to much for us to simply ignore or avoid the subject.  There are around 500 verses in prayer in the Scriptures, less than 500 on faith…but over 2,000 on money and possessions.  Sixteen out of the thirty eight parables Jesus told had to do with money!… Jesus Taught on it and so will we.

6. Jesus Said that it was the number one competitor for our hearts. We believe that if there were one thing above all else that someone was holding back from God…more often that not it would be their obedience in the area of tithing and being generous. (Matthew 6:21, Matthew 6:24)

7. If we (America) followed the advice that Scripture gives on how to handle our money…our financial foundation would be SOLID and would not crash – see Luke 6:46-49. We teach on finances to build financial wisdom within our Church.

8. America is one of the only places on the planet where people can somehow struggle with “poverty” and obesity at the same time. There is a lot to be learned when it comes to being generous and helping the poor out of our excess.

9. We cannot live with the assumption that everything is for our consumption.  When God blesses us with more,  it is so we can be a blessing to other people!II Corinthians 9:6-15)

10. The closer we get to christ the more generous we become… our heart breaks for what breaks his… we will desire to use what we have to see his will accomplished. And offering talks are an opportunity to encourage others with our stories of God working through our generosity.

11. The world is not afraid to ask for financial commitment…but for some reason the church has been.  (Has your power company ever apologized for asking you to make a payment?) we use our Offering talks as an opportunity to be clear about what scripture says about God commanding his people to give 10% percent of their income back to their local church. We don’t apologize for this… we didn’t write the bible, God did.

12. We Believe that God can do so much more with the finances we give to the church than we could ever do with them on our own.

13. Those who hold out on God and withhold their tithes do not fully understand who God is and What he has done… We use these talks as a chance to teach on who God is and What he has done as shown in the speakers life.



  1. Jim Emerich says:

    Great stuff! So true, we are so blessed here in this country.

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