30 Tips to Help You Preach Better Pt. 2

This is the second part. check the previous post for tips 1-10…enjoy

11. Instant Feedback – Pay attention to the audience during your message. Their response (words, eyes, body language) will let you know if they are getting it or if things need to be explained further. don’t be afraid to go off script (notes) and speak from the heart on an area or topic that you feel should be touched on or explained further.

12. Focus on first 5 and last 5 – Most preachers overlook the importance of the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes of their message and focus more on the body or middle of the message. The first 5 minutes can be a great time to put people at ease, gain their attention and draw them into the topic of the message. The Last five minutes are a great opportunity to give people a chance to respond and also challenge them to apply the message in some area of their life.

13. Keep it memorable – A message is only effective if people apply it and remember it. Ask yourself; What about this message is memorable? what will people remember… ? How can i say this or show the main point in a way that people will remember it? This will setup a planning time the week before or week of (by yourself or with a team) to think of and brainstorm stories, visuals, props, slides, media…etc to make the message or topic more memorable.

14. Bring in the ringer – Many preachers don’t do this and i think it may be a pride thing but don’t be hesitant to ask advice from someone else that may know more about a specific area than you. Bring in an expert (finances, theology, business, jewish culture, historian…etc) to shed some professional perspective on a topic that you are preaching on. they may give you insight and wisdom that you wouldn’t have on your own.

15. Move  – Many preachers feel like they have a small square on stage to preach from and can only stray a few feet from the pulpit. To really be effective as a communicator feel free to use the whole stage and actually from time to time even go off stage and walk into the audience to make a point. (there are no rules)

16. Notes – Feel free to use notes… if you need em…use them. you can be as detailed or topical as needed, Whatever works best for you. What i would suggest is not being tethered to your notes so that you could move around the stage from time to time. Also on the other end don’t feel like you need to memorize your content, because memorized messages and delivery can come off as very robotic and un-personable.

17. Sponge it up – Make sure that as a speaker you are constantly in the word, in prayer and Soaking up resources. Listen to other messages, read books, magazines, podcasts, websites…etc There is a ton of useful resources out there for ideas and inspiration. Keep a Notebook of creative ideas and thoughts for future messages that you can go back over and review.

18. Speak the Truth – Remember that you are not preaching the gospel to please people, You are preaching to please God. When you speak the truth you will offend some people, Get used to it. That doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. (Jesus offended people all the time). Never be intimidated and avoid speaking the truth of Gods word because of how some people might think or react to it.

19.  Mind & Body – Take care of your mind and body, Get a good nights sleep the night before you speak. Take care of your voice (drink lots of water). It is much harder to be effective as a speaker if your losing your voice. Avoid taking a nap before a speaking engagement. (it will cloud your head and lessen your clarity of thought).

20. Critique – Record the audio and if you can the video from your message. Review it and take notes on what was effective and what was not. write down what you want to work on or how you could have been clearer with the content. Also allow someone else that you trust to review it as well and give their feedback.


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