30 Tips to Help You Preach Better Pt. 3

Pt. 3 – Originally i had 20 Tips to help you Preach better but since posting the first 20 i have been able to scrounge together another 10. So now I guess i will share them with you and then go back and change the 20 to 30 on the previous two posts… well enjoy and i hope you will put some of these tips into practice in a Church or even any public speaking setting.

21. Reinforce – I Once heard someone say that the best way to preach is “Tell everyone what your about to say, Say it, and then tell everyone what you just said”. This approach to preaching guarentee’s that you will reinforce the main point at least three times and will force you to concentrate more and stick to the central point which will translate into better comprehension and application.

22. Have Fun – I forgot to mention this in the earlier posts but smile and have fun on stage. There is nothing worse than listening to someone who looks miserable or appears to not be enjoying themselves. The general rule to keep in mind is that people will not enjoy you if you are not enjoying you.

23. Show and Tell – From time to time ask yourself “How can i show this instead of just say it”. Try to find ways to show a point rather than just say it. You can use visuals, stories, props, a product or something that people encounter on a daily basis. This will allow for the point to stick in peoples heads better than just saying it.

24. Tell on Yourself – One things that bugs me about preachers (and speakers) is when they tell stories that always seem to have themselves as the hero or the person who made the right choice or said the right thing. I think its important as speakers to convey that we are not perfect, we make mistakes and we are humble enough to tell stories that can be teaching points even through our own shortcomings and bad decisions.

25. Note Friendly – Keep in mind that people taking notes is a very good thing that you should not only encourage but facilitate as a speaker. Try to set your message up in a structured way that is easy to put down in written form, repeat main points and speak slowly enough to allow people to write down your words. Its very frustrating to try to take notes but have a speaker that is scattered, not structured and doesn’t allow you to keep up.

26. Stretch the Topic Boundry – Never allow your preaching topics to be narrowed simply because people in your audience may find certain topics sensetive. If you are being led to preach from Gods word about Sex, money, suicide, divorce, homosexuality, gluttony, holy spirit…etc then do it. Feel free to stretch the topic boundary and areas that you cover because areas that you fail to preach Gods word on will be taught in peoples lives from a worldly and false perspective.

27. Show Honor – If you are a guest speaker be sure to show honor to the hosts that are allowing you to speak. Also if you are a staff member never preach anything that is not the viewpoint of your leadership. Never use the stage as an opportunity to bad-mouth anyone or be disrespectful. Show honor and reinforce the vision of the house in every speaking situation.

28. Challenge People – This may have been previously stated in earlier posts but it bears repeating. As a speaker be sure that the message you have put together challenges people to take action. If there is nothing to apply or to change or nothing to do once people leave the building then really how effective or challenging was the message?

29. Get in the Zone – Find what works for you in order to get in the zone. Review the message in your head, spend some time in prayer, recite an encouraging scripture to yourself. Try a few things out and see what helps, but just find something that can help you to focus your mind, give you clarity and purpose and build your confidence when stepping up on stage.

30. One Thing – I find it is hard to focus on the message and be effective when as a preacher you have 20 things on your mind (the message being just one of them). Try to delegate tasks to other leaders on days that you are preaching so that you can better focus on delivering the message effectively and not worrying about doing those other things.



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