The Tourist Vs. The Resident

The Tourist Vs. the Resident

This is a short teaching from a recent “Ignite” leadership meeting lesson that i did…enjoy

A tourist is not invested in the place they are a guest at… there is no ownership, if their is something trashed, broken or missing it really isn’t their responsibility. They are there to simply enjoy where they are and be Served. The resident is one that has taken ownership, It has become theirs and they are invested in building, maintening and doing whatever it takes to do what is best for what they are a resident of.

This point is also true in Church. There will always be tourists (those that are just checking it  out, first time guests) that are there to get fed and just there to observe. But how long can a tourist stay at the same place and still consider themselves a tourist?

At some point those with a tourist mentality have to decide to either become a resident or…to move on. At some point we have to make a choice to become invested in our local church, to move beyond simply attending church to actually being the church. At some point, after so many visit’s we have to come to a place where we take ownership, begin to invest, begin to serve, begin to lead and do whatever it takes to build Gods kingdom… starting right in your own town. – John Kelly


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