Push Me

This is from a Recent Ignite leadership meeting that i taught (it’s kinda written in note form)

Push Me

Remember being pushed on a swing when you were younger? or being pushed on a bike when you were first learning how to ride? Keep those visuals in your head and we will come back to them.

You are the Church…The growth of the church spiritually is measured by the collective peoples growth within it, That means you. We want to continue to grow spiritually… have more vision, more outreach, more creativity…etc and We want each individual to grow spiritually… be more obedient, more bold, more creative, more balanced, have more wisdom, be more effective.

We want your growth to be initiated by you… (See Acts ch2 vs 42 – …And they devoted themselves) The early church saw success because people took it upon themselves to make it happen… to grow, to learn, to lead, to build each other up, to give

Now back to the Visual

If you were on a swing…saying ”push me”, at some point that initial push dies out. You will need to get your own legs pumping…or you will stop.

This is also True in the Christian life, there is a point where the culture or the atmospere will carry you (push you)(…the stronger the culture…more it boosts you…) And there is a point where you have to have dedication and determination and choose to continue, choose to get your own legs pumping, your own feet pedaling or else you will fall…you will stop… you will fail.


You need to choose to resource yourself…what books are you reading, magazines, bible , messages (filling up)

You need to choose if you are evangelistic… actively a part of their life…

You need to choose to spend time in prayer and the word…. Pastors can’t make you…

You need to choose to take notes, and apply the messages in your life… how many messages are wasted because people never followed up or applied anything to their life.

You need to choose to show up, serve, give, be committed, consistent, passionate

Ask yourself this…What if…

What if you moved to a spiritually dead area…? Would you be the spark that ignited a new fire…or would you go out…?

Well there’s no ignite here, no soldout, no vibrant church, no leadership, no passion? Would you be the Catalyst for change where you went?

Ask Yourself these questions as well

Where has your growth been in the last year?

Who is jesus to you right now?

Who / what is different because you know jesus…. Because of your life?

What needs to change, where can you stretch yourself?

To what could you be more committed?

What is a destructive habit or mindset that is holding you back?

Where is there fear in your life that is holding you back?

What “push” are you riding out…that you know your gonna have to start kicking asap?


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