Questions to Ask Your Bible

14 questions to ask yourself when reading scripture…

1.    Who is the author of the passage?

2.    Who were the recipients?

3.    What is the historical background of the passage?

4.    What is the outline/structure of the passage?

5.    Are any words repeated? Any significance to the repetition?

6.    Are there any unusual words in the passage that call for more exploration?

7.    How does the passage fit into the surrounding paragraph? Chapter? Book?

8.    Why did the author place the passage here and not somewhere else?

9.    In one sentence, what is the main point of the passage?

10.  How would the original audience have been affected by the passage?

11.  How does this passage connect to the overall storyline of the Bible?

12.  How does this passage reveal Jesus as savior?

13.  How does God want this passage to function in my life?

14.  What kind of response does this passage call for?

Don’t just read the bible more… read it better… with more clarity and understanding, So often people read the bible without understanding or putting into context what they read…and then go out and use scripture out of context to suit themselves.

Hope these help…




  1. Good stuff. Thanks man.

  2. So true! Awesome challenge John.

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