10 Places Creativity Comes From

10 places that Creativity comes from

Need or want to be more creative? maybe this list can help…read on

1. Quiet time : Taking some time to step away from the noise of life is a great opportunity for people to become creative. it allows you to focus on an idea and work it out for longer rather than just the normal ADD ways of thinking about things.

2. The theme or topic: the topic itself that you are being creative for can be an awesome inspiration for Creativity itself (if you are planning a slogan or a party theme or art…etc)… ask yourself questions about it: who is it for?, why are you doing this? what is the message?…etc

3. A creative team or group: Groups are a great way to be creative. People inspire people. Also you can bounce ideas off of each other (see # 4).

4. Other creative people: Bounce an idea off of someone… it may give them an even better idea to bounce off of you… which may inspire you to something even better. This is where brainstorming comes in to play.

5. from culture, trends: This can be a great source of Creativity. What is going on in the world today? in other countries… on the internet… in other cultures (whats on the rise…and why?)

6. Ask questions… what would get my attention:  Always try to see things as an outsider would, What would get my attention? what would interest me? what would draw my eyes? what would create conversation in my life?

7. Professional field: A great way to find inspiration and a source for creativity is to look to the professional field…. Hollywood… businesses… Marketing gimmicks… Television shows… advertising… Art…A lot of times they are doing the work for you and you can then create things that are even better once you have a base.

8. Time off: Sometime we can be so into what we are doing we become narrowminded in it and lose our creative edge (writers block)… sometimes it is best for us to take some time off from that creative need so that when we return to it we see it with fresh eyes.

9. Different environments, out of your normal routine: A great way to have renewed creativity is to break out of your normal routine… visit new areas, meet new people, take a class, read a book, eat at a new restaurant, take a road trip… all of these small things will effect the way you see the world around you and help to break you out of any creative funk.

10. Writing it down: Keep notes, write down your thoughts, record them even. write down ideas even if they are not complete in and of themselves… you may be able to add that mini idea to a larger creative concept later down the road.



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