10 Truths About Discipline, Part 2

by Ps. John Kelly

5. The Church God wants on earth is a disciplined Church

God desires that True North would be a disciplined church; consistent, dependable, goal oriented, generous, wise, effective, influencial, and creative with:

  • Our resolutions and decisions; doing what needs to be done and sacrificing what needs to be sacrificed
  • Our application of Scripture; every week being disciplined to put His Word to work and allowing it to change us

There is an incorrect attitude sometimes with those serving and volunteering on team:

“I’m helping you guys out. I’ll fill this need you have. I’m doing this for you. You owe me one.”

You need to serve the Church more than the Church needs you to serve.

In order to become the person God created and intended for you to be, you need it more.

  • This is how God can refine you, build you, teach you discipline, teach you humility, and teach you how to serve
  • When you build God’s house, He builds you in the process

There is a lack of discipline within the Church as well as out in the world.

  • Read the Bible in a year? Got through three books then quit.
  • Pray for my friends? Prayed for a week or a month then gave up and used the excuse, “Well I guess it wasn’t God’s will.”
  • Resource myself? Got through a few chapters. Not enough pictures in this book.
  • Apply a great message to my life? Forgot. Didn’t bring a good pen to write it down.
  • Serve on team? Lasted 6 months, but then summer came.

People who are incredible Christians, church builders, and influencers are disciplined in their actions, thoughts, words, and time.

I trust people that are disciplined and self-motivated. They get stuff done. They are dependable. They can speak life into others.

People who lack discipline are annoying. They are selfish. Their character flaw is their weakness.

6. We all have areas that we can be more disciplined in. No one has arrived.

You know what these areas are: health, working out, eating better, spiritual life, inviting friends/family to church, finances, habits, attitude, saving money, cleaning, reading, accomplishing goals, making time, maintaining relationships, etc.

How do we become more disciplined?

  • Come to church
  • Surround yourself with people that are more disciplined than you as much as possible
  • Recognize the area where you need to be more disciplined, admit it and be accountable
  • Make a plan, timeline, goal and end result
  • Reap the reward and move onto another area (1 down, 10 to go!)

7. We will never be disciplined until we want the result of discipline more than the result of no discipline.

Here’s a scenario: a thousand dollars a day for a month to save or a hundred dollars a day to spend.

  • Either save a thousand a day for a down payment on your dream house ($30,000)
  • Or spend a hundred a day on small things (a couple video games, party, trip)

Is our desire the big thing or a collection of little things? What do we want more?

God wants something BIG for each of us individually as well as corporately, as the body of True North Church.

Abundant life, influence, character, thriving financially, salvations, and a greater degree of excellence in all areas of life.

We have an idea of what it is going to take to get there; hard work, sacrificing time and money, risking discomfort, stepping out in faith… discipline.

We have to want the result of discipline more than the result of not having discipline.

What do we want more? To sleep in Sunday morning or to come to church early to serve? To resource ourselves and read our Bible or watch an extra sitcom? To invite and bring people out to church or let the opportunity pass because having to pick someone up and answer their questions might be bothersome?

“If they accept Christ, I’m going to have to change how I lead by example, watching every little word I say. I’m probably going to have to answer their questions and help them with their issues.”

Ask yourself, “What do you want more?”


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