Decision Packet Voiceover

by Ps. John Kelly

Here are my notes from when I receorded the voiceover tracks for the Decision Packets that  we give new believers at True North Church. It basically answers the question, “What do I do now?” in 7 steps. This is a longer post than normal, but I thought it would be helpful for those looking for resources to share. There is probably enough content here to fill 20 messages! Enjoy.

Track 1

First of all, we the staff of True North Church would like to congratulate you on the decision you’ve just made.  This is definitely a reason to celebrate and we are so excited that you have made what is the most important decision that you will ever make.

More important than who you marry or what job you have.

This is truly why we exist as a church: to connect people like you to Jesus Christ.

You are worth it.

Whether you were rededicating your life to Christ or if this was the first time you have ever accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, your heart was probably beating a little faster than normal and it may have taken some boldness for you to raise your hand and repeat the salvation prayer out loud.

We are so pumped that you have taken this step to begin the incredible journey of being a Christ follower.

(Read Romans 3:23, 6:23 and 5:8)

Jesus stepped in and died on the cross to take the punishment that was meant for you.

Track 2

Salvation means that you are choosing to repent of your sins and accept the gift of being reconnected to your creator. This connection is only possible because of the crucifixtion and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, as well as your heart decision to give your life to him.

(Read Romans 10:9)

Remember that following Christ is far more than just that one-time decision. We must decide daily to put aside our own selfish desires to pursue what God would have for us.

You made a decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life. Your heart has now changed but the world around you has not. We as Christians live in a fallen world that desperately needs to be reconnected to its Savior.

It is important to see salvation, not as the end, but the beginning. The Bible says that you are a new creation and that your sins are forgiven. It says that they are as far as “East is to West,” and you are now in a position to have an incredible relationship with your loving Creator, and heavenly Father.

The rest of this CD will discuss 7 important things for you to understand about what happens next and what actions you should take to become an effective and influencial Christian. There are many people in the world that claim to be a Christian, but do not live a life that is worthy of that title. The difference between them and you will be what you choose to do next.

Track 3

1. Read the word and be in prayer

It is so important to build your personal relationship with Christ.

You must remember that nothing is as important as your relationship with Christ. The way that you build your relationship with Christ is the same as how you would build a relationship with anyone else. Learn about them, talk to them, listen, align your thinking, etc.

We encourage you to begin to keep a journal to take notes in as well as write things down that you are praying for. Also begin a daily Bible reading and devotional time. There are many good devotional programs out there and we would love to help you find one if you would like.

Make sure that you set aside time each day to invest into your relationship with Christ. This short time each day will help you to live out your Christianity the rest of the time in a bold, confident and effective way.

Track 4

2. Get into a Reality Group

We cannot stress enough the importance for you to get into a Reality Group. These small groups of people are separated by age and/or gender and allow for you to meet like-minded people, build friendships, discuss the messages, get any questions you may have answered, as well as have fun and enjoy your Christian life. Reality Groups provide a close group of friends who can encourage you, pray for you and help keep you accountable.

Much of the growth that we see in new believers and the development of leaders takes place because of these groups.

The people you surround yourself with will encourage you as well as help you continue to move forward in your growth as much as you will allow them to.

You will only be as effective and successful in Christianity as the people you surround yourself with. Many people try to live out a Christian life on their own without building up Godly relationships, and we have found that someone who does this cannot live a successful, effective Christian life the way that God intended it to be lived.

The success of the local church is based largely on what we are able to do together because we have become unified. This incredible impact is only possible because people like you choose to build relationships with others in the church.

Track 5

3. Be consistent and committed

Being consistent and committed does not happen by accident. Christians must choose to place showing up week in and week out as a high priority in their life.

People always have time for the things they value. If you value your relationship with Christ then you will value his plan, the local church.

Some of the ways that God speaks and directs people is through the Bible and through the teachings that happen in church.

If you are inconsistent and don’t value showing up for church then you are basically deciding to not hear what God is communicating to you that week.

In Psalms, it says that those that are planted in the house of God will flourish.

We want you to flourish in life, in finances, in leadership, in influence, in compassion, in wisdom, in relationships, and every other area of your life.

It is so important for you to choose to value being in church each week and setting up your schedule to reflect that church is a top priority and not just a “if it fits in” thing.

Track 6

4. Resource yourself

We always have said, and it holds true, that leaders resource themselves. And since all Christians are called to lead in some area then it should say that “Christians resource themselves.”

There are so many great resources out there that will help you gain knowledge, increase your creativity as well as what you can pass along to other people. Along with the Bible there are many great Christian books, magazines, and websites.

Another great resource that we recommend for every Christian to do is to take a new believers class offered by the local church. Here at True North we offer a 5-week course called “Align.” This course is a great way for people to learn about what we believe as a church, what our vision and direction is as well as explaining our culture and why we do what we do.

Another resource that we went over earlier was reality groups. Along with going over the messages, Reality Groups are a great resource for asking questions and getting clarification on anything that may seem confusing.

We also offer past messages online for you to listen to and catch up on the teachings that the rest of the church has been taught over the last year.

Track 7

5. Go Public

Get baptized. Declare to the church body, your friends and family that you are serious. It is an outward declaration of what has happened on the inside.

Share the Gospel. Tell people about Jesus. Use whatever place you are in, your job, your school, your family, as a starting point for spreading God’s love with both words and actions.

Stretch yourself, step out in faith, refuse to just be comfortable, find ways to challenge yourself and continue to become more and more like Christ.

Now that you are part of the body of Christ, find out what your specific funcion is in that body. The body needs every person to do their part, using the gifts and talents that God has given you.

Track 8

6. Invest (time and finances)

Once True North is your home, then you should begin to invest financially with tithes and offerings. Remember that whatever you give to the church is an investment into what God is doing. You are partnering with other Christians to build God’s house and make an impact in the surrounding community.

Remember that you were reached with the Gospel because others before you decided to give and build the church with their finances.

It’s been said that in order to determine what a person holds most valueable you need only to look at their checkbook and calendar. Meaning that whatever we truly love and value we always set aside time and money for.

I would also encourage every Christian to get involved with a team, serving somewhere in church. We are always looking for people that will step up and use their God-given talents to serve on team.

Christ, our example, came to serve, not to be served.

Choosing to give some of your time to help build the church is a valuable step in learning to be selfless and to see the bigger picture of what God is doing in the church. Christians who give of their time and money to the church will have much more invested, will have taken ownership of the church and are much more a part of the growth of the church.

Track 9

7. Pass it along

Help someone else along their journey the same way someone else helped you.

Someone may have invited you to church, encouraged you, shared a verse with you, picked you up for church, answered questions for you, and now it is time for you to pass that along and do that for someone else.

The Bible calls this process discipleship. We are each called to become a disciple in some way by passing along the knowledge, wisdom and encouragement that was shared with us.

Track 10

I hope that this CD has been helpful to you. Be sure to listen to it again if you need to.

Write down any questions that you have or something that you would like more clarity on, and take them to your reality group leader. They will be happy to discuss anything further and answer your questions.

So are you ready to begin this new chapter in your life? We will be praying for you as a church that you would seek God with all your heart and pursue Him and what He has for you.

Make a decision to never, ever go back to your old life or give up on God, because He will never give up on you. And no matter what happens, we win.

(Read John 6:33)



  1. Thank you so much for this AWESOME resource! We are essentially a church plant and are having to establish all follow-up from scratch, so resources and ideas like this are PRICELESS!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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