Unnoticed | The Update

by Senior Ps. Erich & Joanne Eisenhart

Hey Church,

I watched the final American Idol extravaganza last night as Phil Phillips was selected by over, if I heard it right, 100 million people. That’s an amazing amount of people voting and, like me, a lot of the viewers didn’t vote.

We will be celebrating Memorial Day this coming Monday. It also is a big event, so big that we now have a whole weekend holiday named after it. This day is in honor of all the deceased members of our armed forces of all wars. It was originally known as Decoration Day. I’m sure almost everyone in our country is aware of the event, but of course they may not have any idea who or what it is about.

This past weekend at churches all across this globe we celebrated “Salvation Day.” We know that every day is a day to come to Jesus. We believe that the call of the Church is to reach the lost, and God has blessed us as we continue to see lives transformed by the saving power of Jesus. This event may go unnoticed by most people in the world, but not in heaven. The Bible tells us that, when one lost person comes to Christ, all heaven rejoices (Luke 15:7). That’s a big event. So let’s not let it go unnoticed! Learn to rejoice with heaven when you witness this day that begins someone’s eternity with God. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember to start your week in “God’s House.”


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