Number Your Days | The Update

by Senior Ps. Erich & Joanne Eisenhart

Hey Church!

As I was driving my son Luke to school today, I asked him how many days he had left. He told me just two weeks. Wow, where did the school year go? As you all know, I am coaching my son, Austen’s, baseball team; and we are down to the last two games. It was a lot of fun even if we didn’t win many games. I’ve noticed that the older you get the faster life moves ahead, and there’s absolutely no way to stop time.

The Bible tells us that a wise person numbers their days. What that means to me is we all will not live forever, so make your days count. Live each day as if it were your last, but prepare to leave your legacy to the next generation. Remember as summer is upon us, don’t vacation from what Christ is building, His awesome church; and He will need each and everyone of you to do it!

God bless you all!

P.S. The True North Open is happening this Saturday as well as the Charity Auction Dinner. Hope everyone is getting pumped for the live auction!


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