Tribal Wars! | Converge Summer Camp 2012

Cowboy or pirate? Choose your side! Converge Summer Camp kicks off this Wednesday, 7:30pm at The Point! We will be rockin’ the Summer Camp theme all summer long with games, giveaways, events, tournaments and of course, TRIBAL WARS! You will have the opportunity to earn points for your team by showing up in your cowboy or pirate gear, by winning games, challenges or even by talkin’ smack on Twitter! Just include @ConvergeTN, #convergesummercamp or #convergetribalwars. The team with the most points at the end of the summer will be crowned 2012’s Tribal War Champs. So show up this Wednesday and choose your side, show your true colors and get ready for passionate worship and an awesome word as we kick off Converge Summer Camp 2012!


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