Whatever It Takes | The Update

By Senior Ps. Erich & Joanne Eisenhart

Hey Church,

This past week has been a great time down at Wave Conference in Virginia Beach. It was an exciting time to see all the network churches, as well as hear some great speakers including Wayne Alcorn and T.D. Jakes. True North was actually acknowledged for having brought the highest amount of people to the Conference of all of the churches represented.

I believe with all my heart that what God is doing down in Virginia Beach, He can and will do up here in New Jersey. It will, however, take a great team up here to make that happen. God is all about team building. Building a team and being part of one requires a large amount of love for others. That “love for others” will place the goal of the team above their personal ambitions. It is a “whatever it takes” attitude. That team attitude will never put a fellow team member down; and if they are down, they will lift them up. It will also take a lot of behind the scene work on your part to make the church look good, but it shouldn’t matter because in the end the church team wins. We at True North will do all we can to be part of the Church that Christ is building (Matthew 16:18).

See you all in church this weekend, expecting God to do the impossible.

God bless!


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